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Interview: Shannon Flowers from Seattle Geekly

05 · 19 · 09

By @geekgirls

One of the first profiles that caught my attention on Twitter was @seattlegeekly, a weekly podcast dedicated to all things geek. Practically every tweet is a topic relevant to my “geeky” interests and contains great reference links as well as humor, which is a serious accomplishment in 140 characters or less.

I eventual subscribed to the podcast on iTunes and was hooked from the very first show. The show hosts, Shannon and Matt, are a hilarious couple with an incredible amount of geek knowledge and enthusiasm. The weekly topics are careful chosen and delivered with the perfect amount of honesty and wit, in a wide range of topics including comics, cons, movies, D&D and anime. Read the rest of this entry ?



05 · 14 · 09


I am a geek girl in heels.  Even on days spent tinkering in the laboratory, I am balancing on top of a pair of platforms, stilettos, or vulcanized wedges.

I have a Master’s of Science in Clinical Psychology and am finishing my Ph.D. in the same discipline.  I have authored and reviewed articles in scientific journals within the fields of psychiatry, clinical psychology, and neuropsychology.

As if spending 24 years in school before I turn 30 isn’t geeky enough, I am a Star Wars, Marvel, and DC Comics fan, and can spend hours playing Tetris, crosswords, boggle, or chess.  Reason I like the holidays: Twilight Zone Marathon.  My heroes are Aeon Flux, Chernabog, Harley Quinn, Big Boo, and Edna Foa.



There is a GEEK inside us all

05 · 05 · 09

By @spaltor

The summer I was born, my sister was 17 and headed off to college, and my brother was 13, preparing to enter high school.  My parents had very busy schedules, and a lot of the “babysitting” duties fell to my brother.  He wasn’t always so pleased about it, as 13 year old boys tend to have their own ideas about how to best use their time.  So, from an extremely early age, I went wherever he wanted to go.  And when I was less than a month old, where he wanted to go was to the movie theater to see “Return of the Jedi” for the umpteenth time.  An infant in a movie theater?  Not always a good plan.  But the story goes that I was mesmerized by the movie.  My brother says that I sat propped up on his lap, and stared at the movie screen for the entire 134 minutes.  And, if you believe that, thus began my love of science-fiction. Read the rest of this entry ?