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homosexuality in comics

07 · 07 · 09

By @katiedoyle

If you geek girls aren’t familiar with Topless Robot (@ToplessRobot), I highly recommend it.  I check the website every day for geek news and a side of bitter hatred or childlike glee depending on the subject. Last week, Topless Robot posted an article about a homosexual relationship sprouting in a mainstream comic.  The result was an intelligent conversation about the gay characters in said comic. Read the rest of this entry ?



05 · 14 · 09


I am a geek girl in heels.  Even on days spent tinkering in the laboratory, I am balancing on top of a pair of platforms, stilettos, or vulcanized wedges.

I have a Master’s of Science in Clinical Psychology and am finishing my Ph.D. in the same discipline.  I have authored and reviewed articles in scientific journals within the fields of psychiatry, clinical psychology, and neuropsychology.

As if spending 24 years in school before I turn 30 isn’t geeky enough, I am a Star Wars, Marvel, and DC Comics fan, and can spend hours playing Tetris, crosswords, boggle, or chess.  Reason I like the holidays: Twilight Zone Marathon.  My heroes are Aeon Flux, Chernabog, Harley Quinn, Big Boo, and Edna Foa.