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Dead Future “How I Became a Zombie”

06 · 20 · 09

by @geekgirls

The Grim Crew brings about their own flavor of sequential storytelling, short stories and more. Raised by stories of mythology, fairy tales, and bad horror movies from the 80s, they plan to bring their unique twist to the world.

Their group on Project Fanboy recently held a contest, “How I Became a Zombie”. The contest asked just this question. Participants were asked to write about how they theoretically became a zombie at the start of the Zombiocalypse. My entry won runner up and as a prize, my likeness will be drawn in the upcoming book “Dead Future“!! Read the rest of this entry ?


Nerdabout’s Geek of the Week

06 · 08 · 09

On June 8th 2009, Kristin Rielly (aka @geekgirls) was chosen as Nerdabout’s GEEK of the WEEK. although the post is no longer available, below is a screen shot 🙂