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coming soon to GGN

07 · 13 · 09

I would first like to say THANK YOU to all the fans and supporters of Geek Girls Network and all the amazing women who have contributed their knowledge, experience, and stories! This network is continuing to gain readership and proving to be a success in allowing geek girls to connect and share.

Today’s post will be the last post for just a bit as I’m going to be taking a short holiday. In the meantime, please feel free to browse through more than 50 articles already posted. Previous blog topics range from iPhone apps to website development tips to great stories about living the geek girl life.

Coming Soon to the Geek Girls Network:

· Interview with the writers and artist of Black Cherry Bombshells web comic
And check out the BCB’s Video Blog Road Trip To Comic Con

· Blackberry Week – all about Blackberrys and Apps

· Women in Comics

· Interview with a Science Channel’s featured Geek of the Week

· iPhone Apps that Fail (participate in survey)

· and more !!!

And, as always, you can catch me on Twitter for geeky news and conversation @geekgirls. If you have an idea for a GGN blog post, reach me on twitter or send an email to 😉


Is a Tweep a Real Friend?

07 · 04 · 09

by @geekgirls

I often find myself defending using the word friend when referring to a twitter user. I converse with many of the same people online everyday and hadn’t realize that I replaced the word tweep with friend some time ago.

I began to question whether or not these twitterers could in fact be considered my friends or if I was taking this internet social platform too seriously. So, like any good geek girl, I decided to analyze the meaning of the word friend. Read the rest of this entry ?



06 · 18 · 09



Pavlina currently resides (in the real world) in the planned city of Columbia, MD which is located between Washington DC and Baltimore, MD.  There she plots her eventual subjugation of the world by knowing everything. She has degrees in chemistry, math, more chemistry and a little bit of chemistry on the top. She is known through the internet as Pavlina20 and you may often find her twittering about randomness, or cursing her own fate at her home on the internet at Life is not for the Lving, a how to guide for the maladjusted.

She enjoys playing games Final Fantasy on her DS, sewing and creating costumes both for work and play, playing with her two small children, watching TV, reading books, listening to podcasts and podcast novels, and trying to find a way to extend the day so she can fit all that in and still get 8 hours a sleep per day.


Interview: Christine King of SMSC

06 · 09 · 09

By @geekgirls

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During my sister’s college graduation this summer, I had the pleasure of listening to one of the most inspiring commenceChris_King_Photoment speeches.
Christine King, President and Chief Executive Officer of SMSC, a global supplier of semiconductor solutions, spoke about what an education means to her and how she succeeded in the field of technology.

Unlike most speeches I’ve heard given by successful individuals, King offered an honest and vulnerable story about her personal struggles which lead to her determination to receive an education. She did not have the support that so many of us take for granted and refused to become devoured by self-pity. King did not wait for opportunity to knock; she walked right up to its door and said “Let me in!”

Her story and words of wisdom have truly impacted my life and I felt it was imperative that I relay her message to everyone. Christine King graciously accepted my interview request and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share a glimpse of this truly remarkable geek girl! Read the rest of this entry ?


Website Design Article Event

05 · 24 · 09

I’m working on gathering articles for a full week (or 2 weeks depending on how many articles I can get) of post solely on web design from women in the business!

I you are a geek girl working in the website design field, please share your knowledge on the Geek Girls Network. You can write about a specific aspect of web design, or a general introduction, that’s up to you. I’m hoping to gather enough information so that the event will be relevant to n00bs as well as seasoned professionals.

Of course, as a contributor, I will also promote your site and online profiles as well as post a short bio.

So, take your time and I look forward to your contribution!! And if you have any questions, let me know


When Girls Speak Geek

05 · 21 · 09

By @kcwebgirl

For many years now I have made technology the focus of my career. I get a euphoric high from discovering new platforms for communicating with the masses and new ways to connect women to technology. The introduction of Web 2.0 was a godsend for women and girls in general. Why? Because the major focus is community communication and let’s face it, women and girls are more community oriented. Whether positive or negative, we like to interact with each other in a community. Social networking was pretty much a tech match made in heaven as far as I’m concerned. Read the rest of this entry ?


Interview: Shannon Flowers from Seattle Geekly

05 · 19 · 09

By @geekgirls

One of the first profiles that caught my attention on Twitter was @seattlegeekly, a weekly podcast dedicated to all things geek. Practically every tweet is a topic relevant to my “geeky” interests and contains great reference links as well as humor, which is a serious accomplishment in 140 characters or less.

I eventual subscribed to the podcast on iTunes and was hooked from the very first show. The show hosts, Shannon and Matt, are a hilarious couple with an incredible amount of geek knowledge and enthusiasm. The weekly topics are careful chosen and delivered with the perfect amount of honesty and wit, in a wide range of topics including comics, cons, movies, D&D and anime. Read the rest of this entry ?


Surviving as a Scientist: Ruminations of a Geek Girl Scholar

05 · 14 · 09

By @ArkhamAsylumDoc


I am not supposed to be a psychologist.


In college, I was a computer science major and math geek.  I was drawn to the clear-cut, straightforward—and, dare I say—binary approaches to problem-solving. If there were a fail-proof algorithm for choosing toothpaste brand, I would employ it.  So how did I end up studying the most nebulous subject: human behavior?    Read the rest of this entry ?