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Interview: Selene Bowlby of iDesign Studios

06 · 22 · 09

by @geekgirls

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Geek Girls Network: When did you first become interested in Web Site Design?

Selene Bowlby: I was first introduced to the internet back in high school, where all I had access to were text-based freenets and bulletinselenebowlby board services. It wasn’t long before I created my first (terribly designed) web site which was hosted in the Geocities Paris and Soho neighborhoods.

Although I majored in graphic design in college, at this point the internet was nothing more than a hobby for me. My career goal at that time was creating designs for print, such as advertisements, corporate identity, brochures, etc.

As I dabbled more in the emerging technology of the internet, my interest in the web grew tremendously. By the time I graduated, I was 100% positive that I wanted to focus on web site design and development.

GGN: What has been your favorite / most memorable project that you have worked on? Read the rest of this entry ?