Recent News about GGN or @geekgirls:

July 26th 2009: The popular column GeekDad on Wired.com (Wired Magazine) features articles written by geek parents covering a wide variety of topics. This Sunday’s article pointed out that Comic-Con advertising still strictly targets men only, completely neglecting the female population. To prove the point that female are interested and involved in geeky activities, GeekDad mentions a few websites created by women…. including Geek Girls Network!! Read more about it here!

June 25th 2009: I just won as a runner up in The Grim’s Crew’s contest “How I Became a Zombie” and I will be drawn as a zombie for their upcoming book “Dead Future”! Read more about it here!

June 18th 2009: W00T! Check out Seattle Geekly’s podcast episode #19 All about Geek Girls (and they interviewed me – @geekgirls !! )

June 12th 2009: @geekgirls (aka Kristin Rielly) featured on FAVE‘s News & Events Page

June 8th 2009: @geekgirls (aka Kristin Rielly) featured as Nerdabouts’ GEEK of the WEEK on The Science Channel.com

March 28th 2009:  The creators of the hilarious Bacolicio.us (where you can slap a slice of bacon onto any website page) responded to my request for a vegan version of their website. Now you can join the fun by slapping a generous piece of broccoli on any site – check it out http://veg.bacolicio.us/

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