Geek Girls Networktm
was established to become a resource hub for women who possess a passion, knowledge, and interest for all things “geeky”.  Our mission is to provide timely and accurate news, reviews and training, across a broad spectrum of interests in order to promote and encourage women of all ages to embrace their “geekiness”.

And that’s where you come in….

Geek Girls Networktm is a contribution driven blog. We need your participation to keep our mission going! If you would like to contribute and your article is accepted, I will post your article and give you full credit on the blog (including short bio and any applicable links). Articles can be submitted one time or on a regular basis; that’s up to you. Write about anything geeky in your area of expertise; such as tips and tricks, reviews, how to’s, stories or experiences, etc.

Below is the main category list of geeky topics:

Technology: coding, software, hardware, etc.

gadgets, apps, devices, etc.

Web 2.0:
websites, seo, social media, blogs, etc.

comics, movies, cons, games, music, etc.

photoshop, illustrator, cartooning, tutorials, etc.

physics, biology, psychology, astronomy, geology, etc.

My Geek Girl Life:
fiction or non-fiction about the ins and outs of geeky girl life


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