Dead Future “How I Became a Zombie”

06 · 20 · 09

by @geekgirls

The Grim Crew brings about their own flavor of sequential storytelling, short stories and more. Raised by stories of mythology, fairy tales, and bad horror movies from the 80s, they plan to bring their unique twist to the world.

Their group on Project Fanboy recently held a contest, “How I Became a Zombie”. The contest asked just this question. Participants were asked to write about how they theoretically became a zombie at the start of the Zombiocalypse. My entry won runner up and as a prize, my likeness will be drawn in the upcoming book “Dead Future“!!

Here’s my originally entry:

How I became a zombie….
As usual, I left for work late that day. While minor details seem to evade me before my first cup of coffee, this morning was different. I noticed that the radio station I always listen to was not on the air, and the morning traffic rush seemed non-existent, except for that one lady standing on the side of the road. Entirely out of character, since I was going to be late for work anyway, I decided to pull up next to her and make sure she was alright. Looking pale and lifeless, she slowly approached my vehicle and then, without warning, leaned in with a ferocious growl and bit my arm! Once I finally broke free from her animal-like grip, I made it nearly a half mile down the road before any symptoms arose, making driving an impossible task. The intense burning sensation settled quickly into my veins and arteries, eventually causing the inevitable “death sleep”. When I woke, I experienced a hunger like never before. My incurable disease had claimed my soul and my only mission now was to hunt for food; human flesh!

Although, if I were to tell you how I became a zombie, assuming the absence of a cure for this disease, I would already be a zombie and therefore my story would more logically be like this….
Arrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhcd njds ‘akvmal’; vaw Nqnj KFVRFdasnj san 

For more info on The Grim Crew, visit their website here.

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