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Guitar Hero….you bastard!

05 · 30 · 09

By @geekgirls

Guitar Hero, I never wanted you. I thought you were stupid, nay, ridiculous. I thought only losers, who didn’t possess the natural ability to play an actual musical instrument, would be your only friends. I thought that even if I could only muster notes through a kazoo, I would be better off without you. I thought that even if every video game for every system were to suddenly become discontinued for an uncertain amount of time and you were the last game that could be played, that I would still look the other way. Guitar Hero, I would have chosen any board game over you; Othello, Jacks, Pick up Stick. I would rather have been in a long deep sleep, induced by boredom than play with you. But, Guitar Hero, I was wrong…..terribly wrong. Read the rest of this entry ?