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Book Review: I ♥ geeks

05 · 27 · 09

By @geekgirls

Although the title of this paperback book would suggest otherwise, after reading the introduction I realized I am NOT the target audience. This book, geared towards women who are dating or would like to date a geek guy, offers tips and instructions on how to better relate to a geek guy’s interests.

The book begins with a short questionnaire to determine what type of geek guy you are dating (i.e. video game geek, comic book/graphic novel geek, anime/manga geek, film/TV geek, sports geek, or sci-fi/fantasy geek). Although the author, Carrie Tucker, admits that the quiz is for “entertainment purposes only and full of sweeping generalizations,” those generalization become more frequent and less entertaining the further into the book I read. Read the rest of this entry ?