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05 · 04 · 09

If you have been following @geekgirls on Twitter recently, you know that I have a big problem with celebrity profiles on Twitter, for many reasons.

First, Twitter’s main purpose is connectivity through conversation. I think it’s great that celebrities have logged on to see what Twitter is all about, but if they’re not going to engage in conversations, then what’s the point? And I highly doubt that they’re using this website to send tweets or DMs to their friend celebrities. So, if they are not going to make themselves available for conversation with anyone outside their own circle, then what’s the point?

Secondly, I can understand that Twitter can be seen as a huge marketing and advertisement vehicle. It is a great way to aid in self promotion and boost SEO marketing strategies. But seriously, if you don’t know who Oprah is by now, then you probably don’t know what Twitter is either; or a computer, or indoor plumbing, for that matter.

As a non-celebrity Twitter user, I feel a little protective over this online social network. One of the amazing benefits of Twitter, in comparison to its competition Facebook and Myspace, is the availability to engage in conversation with becoming bombarded with paid advertisements. It’s not a bulletin board or a soap box. It’s a real-time environment for real people to socialize, advertise, and build personal and business relationships.

Do you remember that unspoken rule from childhood: when the first adult uses one of your slang words in conversation, the slang word is dead? I think Joel McHale from The Soup makes the point perfectly.


  1. Amen! This has been driving me crazy. I follow mashable and a few other Twitter help sites, but I’m sick to death of all those “How To Make Friends on Twitter/Why Don’t You Have Enough Friends On Twitter?” articles. The thing that just about made me throw in the Twitter towel was this: “Don’t reply wittily to a celebrity to try to become friends with them.” How silly of the plebes to think that a CELEBRITY would want to be friends with them! Who do they think they are, someone who has contributed important things to society or has important things to say, like Ashton Kutcher? (Oh, wait…)

    • I follow Mashable too did not consider them a celeberty but helpful.
      OH and ya those how to get more twitter friends things are annoying I am unfollowing them.

      Another thing I find annoying is Porn sites following me and when I was following every one back I got a lot of dirty Dm’s yuck. I blocked the ones that sent me dirty Dm’s and the others I unfollowed as I found them.

    • I hate those articles. And I’ll reply to a celebrity if I want. Although I do understand the point about not @ replying a celebrity just to try to be friends them. If I reply to a celebrity it’s because I have something germane to say to their comment, even if they don’t see it, not because we’re going to be buds. That’s just my $0.02.

      • I have not tried to reply to a celeb yet. Well Maybe leo but he never replied.

  2. I do agree I would love to be able to talk to one, It would be cool. I am following 2 at the moment. 1 is Brent Spiner and the other is Leo Leport. Brent wrote a whole novel using twitter and was a good read but would still have loved to have talked to him.

  3. I think celebrities are free to use Twitter just like anyone else. I follow the people I find interesting, celebrity or not, because I enjoy the parts of their lives they let me access through tweets. I guess I don’t see Twitter as being for any specific function. Some people use it for communicating back and forth with people, others use it as a place to follow other people’s thoughts but not interact with them. It *is* a little irritating to see people on Twitter who just use it to spam their followers with self promotion but then I don’t follow those people. And if you’re willing to be spammed by a person or corporation – great! It doesn’t bother me if people follow a spambot.

    I also am glad when celebrities use Twitter or other social network sites to bring up important issues and causes to their followers. Of course everyone knows who Oprah is. But through Twitter she can either share bits and pieces of herself with her fans or can easily send them to an organization she supports. I think these are good things.

    I guess my point is: I don’t mind celebrities on Twitter. I follow people I find interesting and if there’s a person, celebrity or not, that I don’t find interesting I just ignore them. Celebrities’ presence on Twitter doesn’t affect me, nor do I think it makes Twitter anything other than what I think it is: A way to share a thought you think is important, in 140 characters or less, with the world.

  4. I have to be honest, I sent a few “clever” but feeble attempts to tweet-up some celebs, almost daring them to comment. I knew nothing would come of it, but now I have proof that celebs are just as unattainable on Twitter as they are in concert, at a show, on the street, etc.

    Although, @keithcalder said thank you to the kudos I gave him…he produced the movie The Wackness. Maybe he isn’t of “super celeb” status, but he is very well known and took the time to say thanks!

    • I guess I don’t know why we would assume celebrities are any more accessible on Twitter than in real life situations. I don’t think Neil Gaiman or Stephen Fry are on Twitter to personally talk to me and I don’t expect them to see my tweet out of the thousands that get hurled at them everyday. I see them on Twitter to share thoughts with their followers that they wouldn’t take the time to blog about because, in a way, those one-sided conversations are communication. I don’t hold celebs to any particular standard. They don’t owe me a response, IMHO.

  5. I just wonder how many of those celebrities that have accounts like Twitter are actually using them instead of having someone else use them in their place.

    I don’t see anything wrong with them having one.

  6. Hi! i loved this post, i´ve never seen this blog in my entire life and i think is really cool !!!!

    I´m totally agree with the first point im not sure about the second one..

    I´m from México and i have many celebrities and importan people in my twitter, and sometimes i send messages to them, and you want to know what i receive??………nothing!!! cause in fact, i´m nothing for them… or maybe they are to bussy … i dont know! — i dont understand, or maybe i dont care!

    Greetings!!! i will follow you in twitter right now!

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