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05 · 02 · 09

By @geekgirls

As a geek, I demand more from my television networks. Unfortunately, I am often disappointed with most of the scheduled programming on all 800 bazillion channels available. Every once and awhile, I find something interesting on the History Channel, the Science Channel or NatGeo, but I really have to look, and it’s usually never a series. I honestly haven’t been impressed with a geek TV series since X Files. Actually, a few years ago I used to watch Invasion and Surface, which were both pretty decent shows, which is probably why they were both cancelled.

For the last few years I’ve had to spend minutes a day searching through the guide for anything relating to science, technology, sci-fi, or anything interesting that wasn’t a reality show, Life Time movie, food show, crappy anime, Law and Order, CSI, food show, repeats of Friends, or a food show.

But good news, my DVR is now chock full o’ geeky show madness. Here are all the shows I currently watch:

G4 underground has become my new favorite show. The first episode I watched explored Urban Spelunking, the Steampunk sub-culture, and underground Fight Clubs. Not only was I completely unaware of the existence of the subject matter, but G4 delivered detailed video and commentary to fully satisfy my interest. And Morgan Webb, one of the few awesome chicks left on G4, hosts the show. So watch it, I don’t know when it on…that’s what my DVR is for.

On a side note….I used to watch G4 on a regular basis, especially Attack of the Show (AOTS), until it suddenly became overrun with hot-but-obnoxiously-stupid teleprompter readers. I cringe watching these girls struggle reading updates about computers and video games when it’s transparent that they have no idea what they’re even talking about. You ladies know who you are (Olivia!!) I would never deny any geek guy from watching hot chicks delivery the geeky 411, but seriously G4, you can’t find any intelligent hot chicks to host?

Family Guy If you don’t watch this, well…I don’t even know what to say. It’s so funny that when it was on Adult Swim, I watched every episode like a million times. It never gets old. I have so much Family Guy script memorized that I can plug a relevant Family Guy reference into just about any situation. Seriously.

ATHF I’m not exactly sure how to describe this cartoon if you haven’t watched it yet. It’s on Adult Swim, and it features a milk shake, fries and wad of meat that can all talk and have powers and live in suburbia (which was a great move, btw). I can’t pin-point why it is the most hilarious cartoon I’ve ever seen, it just is! And their neighbor Carl, might be my favorite white-trash cartoon character ever! If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it. Each episode is only fifteen minutes long, and I know you won’t be disappointed.

Heroes This season just ended so if you haven’t gotten into Heroes, now is the time to start catching up! Although, the ending of this season, I have to say honestly, makes me suspect that the writers were struggling a bit. On a whole, the story line is pretty tight and the acting, for the most part, is believable.

Fringe This series takes off where X Files left off, seriously!!! Out of all the geek shows currently in syndication, this one is by far the best series! Not only are the stories wildy fascinating, but the writers have done an amazing job of seamlessly weaving actual scientific theories through the fantasy elements of each story. The acting is also impeccable. “That guy from Dawson’s Creek” I originally doubted, but have been pleasantly surprised by his acting abilities. This show is a must!

Big BangTheory Hilarious. This show contains the classic elements of a good sitcom: a group of lovable, yet flawed characters, and a bonus character to rock-the-boat on a regular basis. The main characters consist of a bunch of nerdy scientists who argue incessantly about which super hero would win in a hypothetical, cross-over battle or which theory of quantum physics is the most asinine. The hot girl next store is a nice addition to the cast and helps break up the intensity of some of the characters.

Bones Another wonderful and intelligent display of worthy television. The interaction between the social-inept, genius scientist and the compassionate, knight-in-shining-armor cop balance the fantastically gruesome special effects of the dead victims whose murders are being investigated. This shows is a definite, never miss for all those reasons!

Super Natural I have been watching this series religiously since the beginning. Ghosts, goblins, demons and angels, these two adorable brothers battle it all. And, although the stories are surrounded by myth and legend, the writers have been able to develop the main characters and their relationship to each other throughout the series. The duo brings a level of realism to the show, which enables the supernatural to seem, not so unbelievable.

There are probably a few other shows here and there that I catch on occasion, but the list above are my favorites.

What geek shows are you watching?


  1. Heroes is such a good idea. The first seasons was aesome. Season two was mediocre. The third season though? I’ve hated almost every second of it. I *hope* it picks up next season or I may stop watching.

    I watch Doctor Who and Torchwood. I enjoy Doctor Who more because I like that the cast constantly changes because there are only two main characters and so much awesome stuff happens. I hate that there isn’t a series this year though. Only a bunch of specials, which are impossible to find online!

    Dollhouse is my new obsession. It is PAINFUL for me to leave the house on a Friday night. I did so last night and finally watched the newest episode. It totally blew my mind.

    30 Rock is kind of commercial, but hilarious and sometimes pleasantly geeky with a few in jokes most of its viewers could never understand.

    And that’s it as far as ongoing series go (at least geeky series. I’m ashamed to admit both the volume and the content of the television I watch). I’ve declared this Sci-Fi Summer and have a Netflix Queue full of Sci-Fi shows I think I should see like Battlestar Gallactica, Sliders, and SG.
    I’ll also be re-watching the Buffy series like I do every summer. And winter.

  2. Fringe and Bones are two of my must watch shows on television right now. Family Guy has it moments but I think it has lost some of its sparkle for me. I never have gotten into ATHF. I do most of my tv show watching online now. Joost, Hulu, and Veoh are my big three tv networks now.

  3. Well, this review closes the deal: I officially am going to start watching (and getting caught-up on) FRINGE.

  4. Big Bang Theory. . . I keep trying to like it, but can’t shake the feeling that it’s an unflattering caricature of my people.

    I loooooove Supernatural – probably my favorite thing on TV right now. Lucky for me, I just started watching it this season, so I have three whole seasons to catch up on this summer!

    I’ve also been pining for Torchwood for the past year and am waiting anxiously for Children of Earth this summer.

    Heroes is like that boyfriend who was so awesome at the beginning, taking us to nice restaurants and first run movies, then devolving to Arby’s and the dollar theater. Then only if we’re paying. This is why we should order the lobster on the first date and not make a show of reaching for our purse when then bill comes. It all comes down to Sylar wearing a Nathan-suit.

    I swear to god, if there’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing reference next season. . .

  5. Dollhouse – the newest Joss Whedon offering; enough said.

    Fringe – started slow, but has become a replacement for X-files.

    Bones & CSI – love the police procedural from the geek’s perspective.

    Heroes – though 3rd season was disappointing so won’t be watching the 4th.

  6. I would highly recommend that you watch Chuck. It is about this computer repair man named chuck who, through a series of unfortunate events, becomes the governments most valuable information analyst and spends his time catching terrorists with fellow spies. The series is filled with great comedy and action and there are just so many references to other great tv series (e.g. Jayne from Firefly saying Firefly quotes 😀 ).

    • Your right Chuck is a good one and it is looking like NBC is going to cancel it. I hope not.

  7. To those who have been dissappointed by Heroes this past season, I have some good news:

    Bryan Fuller, (writer for season one) left Heroes to create Pushing Daisies, which was recently cancelled, and will now be on board to write again for the series next season! Hopefully this means Heroes has a chance.

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