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New categories added to GGN

04 · 30 · 09

New categories have been added to the list of topics for article contributions.

Thanks @jenhennen & @ArkhamAsylumDoc 


Science: physics, biology, psychology, astronomy, geology, etc.


My Life as a Geek Girl: fiction or non-fiction about the ins and outs of geeky girl life



Why and How this Geek Girl Uses Twitter

04 · 28 · 09

by @FantasyDreamer

twitter bird

I’ve seen a lot of articles and blog posts on how people should use Twitter but most of them are geared towards those trying to market themselves towards monetary means and how to get as many followers as you possible get. I would like to talk about how and why I use Twitter because it has nothing to do with those two common goals.

When I first heard of Twitter is was about year ago but I didn’t jump on the band wagon at the time. It wasn’t until September 2008, that I started using Twitter for work because they wanted the web development group to test our toes in the Twitter waters before the marketing folks did. They wanted us to share the in and outs of what we found. To be honest, I didn’t really like it, I thought it was boring. This was because I wasn’t really using it like I should and I was following the wrong people. On top of that, my boss and the marketing department was following me on Twitter, so this made me worried about saying something I shouldn’t and/or be a bad reflection on the company, etc. Then in January of this year, I had an epiphany. It occurred to me to create another account for myself that didn’t have anything to do with work. Now, the fun begins. Read the rest of this entry ?



04 · 28 · 09


I’m a .Net web developer with a side MS SQL Server. I’ve been working in the web world for about 10 years. I’m the only geek girl in an IT group of 9 geeks.

My favorite past times are being with my family, surfing the web, reading, listening to music and watching movies, pretty much in this order. I periodically, I get a guilty conscience and will take the dogs walking, so I can say I worked out. Bad, I know.

My nature is inquisitive. So, I spend a lot time on the web outside of my job, looking up my latest quest for knowledge. I’m quiet, unless I have something to say, and have been known to be a touch sarcastic but for the most part direct and to the point.

My favorite mottoes are: “Live and let live” and “Always give as good as you get”.

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Coding Before Construction

04 · 26 · 09

by @geekgirls

When redesigning a website, the first and most important step that is so often overlooked is constructing the wireframe. I know, because I skipped this step for my first website redesign project (which contained almost 200 pages) and it resulted in major and unnecessary complications. Thankfully, with the help of my friends and the Internet, I have mastered website wire-framing. Now I can share this knowledge, to hopefully prevent hours of frustration for other website designers. Read more at Website Magazine.



Welcome to Geek Girls Network Blog!

04 · 24 · 09

After receiving a wonderful response from followers of @geekgirls on Twitter, the Blog is officially up and running!

Geek Girls Networktm was established to become a resource hub for women who possess a passion, knowledge, and interest for all things “geeky”.  Our mission is to provide timely and accurate news, reviews and training, across a broad spectrum of interests in order to promote and encourage women of all ages to embrace their “geekiness”.


And that’s where you come in….

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iPhone Apps

04 · 23 · 09

by @geekgirls 


iphone_appsI recently acquired and an Apple iPhone and have found that it has not only become my organizational life line, but also the most fun hand-held gadget I have ever owned.


I must admit, when it comes to personal organization, I am terribly and inexcusably “old-school”. Until just a few weeks ago, I carried a day planner with me at all times. I mean the kind that has a phone book and weekly calendar, business card holder and useless 5 inch ruler, notepads and pockets for extra papers. I also carried around a cell phone, iPod, camera, extra notepaper and pens in what was developing into a huge diaper bag of accessories. Thankfully, my geek guy generously purchased an iPhone for me in order to simplify my daily tasks and reduce the strain on my shoulder. Read the rest of this entry ?



04 · 22 · 09



It’s difficult, I think, to write a bio on myself. I’m sure I am many things to many people, and I didn’t want to simply chronicle my jobs and accomplishments like a resume. So in not so many words, here’s what I’m all about.

I read comics, watch the science channel, and listen to audio books and podcasts.

I have a unique sense of humor, can create an instant enemy with sarcasm, and enjoy making obscure movies references in front of people that I know won’t get it.

I use a thesaurus regularly, wish I had more time to play my guitar, and could eat pizza every single day…..for the rest of my life.

I have an unhealthy fascination with zombies and kittens; play platforms games like they were my job; and on occasion, I do dishes and fold laundry.

I am equally passionate as I am stubborn; competitive as I am insecure; hopeful as I am realistic.

Above all else, I am just a girl who likes being a geek. Oh, and I am @geekgirls & creator of Geek Girls Networktm !!